Berkeley Jet Drive Rebuild Videos

Since the Marine Jet Drive Manual published by Seloc is no longer in print, we have begun a series of video instructions on "How To Rebuild Your Berkeley Jet Drive".  Here is the beginning of this project, we will be adding more articles as time permits.

Model Identification
The most popular models are as follows:

You will find an identification tag attached to the pump next to the thrust bearing grease fitting.  This tag will be stamped with the pumps model number.  Use the tests below if the tag is missing or unreadable.

12JC – Hand hole is inside the boat transom and the pump bowl and nozzle housing are a one-piece unit.
12JG – Hand hole is inside the boat transom, but the pump bowl and nozzle housing are separate units.
12JE – Hand hole is outside the boat transom and the pump bowl and nozzle housing are a single unit.
12JF – Hand hole is outside the boat transom and the pump bowl and nozzle housing are a single unit, but a gimbal ring is used to rotate the nozzle.

Because the four Berkeley models are so similar, only one set of procedures is presented in this manual.

Our project boat is equipped with a Berkeley 12JG pump, droop snoot and a manual Place Diverter trim/steering nozzle.

Pump Removal Sequence:

  1. Removing the Nozzle (Place Diverter Nozzle Shown) - Watch the Video

    Linkage Disconnects

    1. Remove the nut and bolt securing the steering cable end to the tiller arm.  If servicing Model 12JF, remove the steering cable from the side of the gimbal ring.
    2. Slide the plastic collar back on the steering cable.  Back off the packing nut from the threaded steering tube, and then pry the grommet free.  Pull the steering cable back into the boat through the transom adapter.  Some models do not have the transom adapter, but it is still necessary to pull the cable back into the boat.
    3. Slide the top of the safety clip free of the reverse cable.
    4. Remove the safety clip from the hole in the lower bolt, as shown.
    5. Withdraw the bolt from the reverse cable end.
    6. Pull the reverse cable up and clear of the reverse gate swivel pin.
    7. Remove the swivel pin and two split nyliner bushings from the reverse gate arm.
    8. Loosen and remove the lower jam nut around the steering cable on the tiller arm.  If only the lower jam nut on the reverse cable is disturbed, the cable adjustment will be maintained. This is an advantage during later installation.
    9. Loosen the reverse cable packing nut at the transom adapter (or boat transom, if an adapter is not used), and pry the grommet free.

    Rudder Removal (If equipped)

    1. S traighten the ends of the cotter pin, and then pull out the pin.  Remove the castellated nut and the rudder bolt.
    2. Remove the Allen head bolt from the rudder shaft.
    3. Pull the rudder downward and free of the nozzle.


  2. Removing the Transom Assembly - Watch the Video

    Transom Adapter Removal (Models 12JC & 12JG Only)

    1. Remove the bolts securing the transom adapter to the boat transom.  Insert a putty knife between the transom gasket and the boat transom.  CAREFULLY work around the gasket perimeter and split the silicone seal between the two surfaces.  If a silicone seal bead has been used between the pump bowl and the transom adapter, cut the bead with a sharp knife.  Slide the transom adapter and gasket free of the pump bowl.
    2. Remove and discard the large O-ring from around the pump bowl.


  3. Removing the Suction Housing/Pump - Watch the Video

  4. Removing the Wear Ring and Insulator - Watch the Video

  5. Removing and Installing the Nozzle O-Ring - Watch the Video

  6. Removing a Berkeley Jet 12JG Pump (Updated 2019) - Watch the Video

Re-Installing the Pump:

  1. Information on the Berkeley Thrust Bearing - Watch the Video

  2. Installing the Suction Piece Seal - Watch the Video

  3. Installing the Wear Ring and Insulator - Watch the Video

  4. Removing and Installing New Bowl Bearings - Watch the Video

  5. Pressing the Thrust Bearing on the Shaft - Watch the Video

  6. Installing the Pump Shaft into the Suction Housing - Watch the Video

  7. Installing the Packing Rings and Gland - Watch the Video

  8. Installing an Inducer onto the Pump Shaft - Watch the Video

  9. Installing the Impeller onto the Pump Shaft - Watch the Video

  10. Installing a Bowl Stuffer on Your Jet Drive - Watch the Video

  11. Installing the Bowl End Cap on the Bowl - Watch the Video

  12. Filling up the Bowl Oil Reservoir - Watch the Video

  13. Adding a Pressure Relief Valve Kit - Watch the Video

  14. Installing the Suction Housing/Pump - Watch the Video

  15. Installing the Hand-Hole Cover - Watch the Video

  16. Preparing the Berkeley 12JC/G Jet Transom Housing to be Installed - Watch the Video

  17. Installing the Transom Adapter Housing - Watch the Video

  18. Installing the Forward/Reverse Cable Seal - Watch the Video

  19. Installing the Steering Tube - Watch the Video

  20. Installing the Steering/Trim Nozzle - Watch the Video

  21. Re-connecting the Control Cables (Forward/Reverse, Trim & Steering) - Watch the Video

Pump Rebuilding and other Maintenance:

  1. Rebuilding A Berkeley 12JG Pump - Watch the Video

  2. Changing the Shift Cable on a Berkeley Jet Drive - Watch the Video