For use with plumbing outlet 150-5000 Water Pressure Relief Kit to dump overboard. Includes:
  • One Black Anodized 1/2" NPT to -8 AN Adapter
  • One Straight and one 90 Degree Black Anodized -8 AN Hose Fittings
  • Polished Billet Aluminum -8 AN Water Dump
  • Three feet of -8 AN Premium Water Hose
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Stainless Steel Bowl End Cap

Upgrade your standard plastic end cap to this polished stainless steel end cap!
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Steering Tube Seal Nut

This part threads on the end of your Berkeley Jet's Steering Tube. It has a dual O-ring seal inside and a grease zerk for ensuring smooth steering cable operation.
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For use with plumbing outlet 150-5000 Water Pressure Relief Kit to dump overboard. Includes:
  • Chrome Brass 1/2" NPT x 5/8" Hose Fitting
  • Plastic 5/8" Hose Water Dump
  • Two Stainless Steel Hose Clamps
  • Three feet of 5/8" Water Hose
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Berkeley "A" Master Overhaul Kit

To facilitate easier maintenance of your Berkeley pump, Berkeley Jet Drive has created three "Repair / Parts" Kits Each kit is applicable to all Berkeley Jet Drive Models: 12JB, 12JC, 12JG, 12JE, and 12JF. There are many people attempting to sell non-original replacement kits in an attempt to compete price wise They short sell or remove parts to try and compete with factory pricing Don't be mislead, get all that you pay for, demand authentic Berkeley parts!

"A" Master Overhaul Kit includes:

  • 1 L02507 Impeller "A"
  • 1 L02850 Intake Gasket
  • 1 S14063 Thrust Bearing
  • 1 S14482 Impeller Key
  • 1 S14475 Bearing Cap Seal
  • 1 S14380 Suction Piece Seal
  • 1 S14476 Bowl Seat
  • 1 S14478 Retaining Ring
  • 1 S09017 Bowl Gasket
  • 1 S10870 Nozzle Hsg. Gasket
  • 1 S09018 Bearing Cap Gasket
  • 1 S10068 Insulator
  • 1 S10125 Wear Ring
  • 4 S14483 Bowl Bearings
  • 1 S13531 Steering Tube Bushing
  • 1 S09488 Grommet
  • 4 S08287 Packing Rings
  • 4 S14477 Nyliner Bearing
  • 2 S15414 Nyliner Bearing
  • 1 S13166 Transom Gasket
  • 1 S13731 Bowl O-Ring
  • 1 S17737 Nozzle O-Ring
  • 1 S13734 Hand Hole Cover O-Ring
  • 1 S12005 Impeller Nut
  • 1 S09850 Bowl Bearing Cap

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